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10 Packing Tips 

Packing tips

Several weeks. Several countries. Widely varying terrain, temperatures and weather patterns. Here are our tips on packing for your adventure around the world.

Our expedition staff are veterans at circling the globe at a moment’s notice. Here we offer our top packing tips to prepare for a trip around the world.

[Ed note: Please note that a more detailed packing list is sent to all guests prior to their specific journey. These are only basic recommendations to get you started.]

1. Pack light. We take care of your luggage from the second you check in, but you still have to unpack and pack for specific options with the wheelie bag we provide. Packing light ensures that you’ll spend less time managing gear and clothes—and more time relaxing and having fun. 

2. Choose your footwear carefully. Comfortable feet are happy feet. And happy feet keep you happy over cobblestone streets, rocky mountain paths and steep ancient temple stairs. It may be tempting to bring several pairs of heels, but leave those at home. Our expedition staff recommends taking at least two pairs of good walking shoes, sneakers or hiking boots, for daytime, and a separate pair of casual dress shoes, ballet flats or sandals for night. And never bring a new pair and put them on for the first time on a trip—always break them in beforehand.

3. Oh, and bring plenty of nice, thick, comfy socks.

4. Every passenger receives a kit from us filled with travel-size basics like sunscreenbug repellant and lip balm, along with a flashlight and universal adapter. This is a good starting point and will tip you off on what you'll need to pack more of (hint: sunscreen). You should also add face wash or soapaloe or moisturizeraspirin or ibuprofenBand-Aids, large Ziploc bags (for wet and dirty clothes) and extra batteries (if you use them). Always remember to bring extra contact lenses, eyeglasses and sunglasses. If you aren’t married to a particular brand of shampooconditioner or lotion, you may want to save some space in your toiletry kit—just pack the bare necessities to get you through a day or two. Most hotels on our itineraries are great about providing these staples.  

5. Did we mention pack light? Here in Seattle, TCS World Travel's home base, we take a tip from the mountaineering ways of layering active wear (lightweight T-shirts and hoodies that are made of space-age materials to keep you warm and dry, and a rain shell for wet weather). And don’t forget a nice, wide-brimmed hat for sun protection.

6. Use the laundry services. Most hotels have superb laundry services along the way.

7. Keep in mind that you will also have the opportunity to shop in many locales, and you will want to wear your latest finery to dinner. It’s fun and a great way to immerse yourself in the culture. So keep your basic staples light and leave lots of space in your suitcase for your finds.

8. Leave expensive jewelry at home. The opportunities to buy amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces from local artisans and craftspeople on the road will definitely meet your needs. Nothing is more festive than coming to dinner sporting the earrings or that necklace you just found at the street market.

9. Bring a swimsuit and some light workout wear. Many properties feature incredible pools and gyms, as well as yoga classes. A casual swim or stretch is just the ticket to staying limber and energized on the road.

10. Keep in mind that certain activities require different kinds of clothes. Your guest services manager will be in touch regarding more specific needs. Be sure to closely read your itinerary and packing list that we send out prior to every expedition. And have fun!