Explore the Beauty of Egypt on aLuxury Nile River Cruise

nile river

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time cruise passenger, going on a luxury Nile cruise means gearing up for a treasured experience. A breathtaking sunset, a gastronomic feast, high-quality accommodation or a thrilling excursion will ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to create unforgettable moments during your journey. You could be celebrating a special occasion with your significant other, a birthday or even just taking a break from the mundane.

At TCS World Travel, our travel consultants can arrange for you to experience the best of Egypt through an entirely custom itinerary. While the itinerary can be tailored to your interests, specification and group size, we do recommend that you include a Nile cruise component.

Choosing to spend time on a luxury cruise will not only ensure that you have a wonderful experience but also give you a different perspective on world-famous Egyptian monuments and see them in new light. Furthermore, there are several benefits to experiencing Egypt’s world wonders this way. Read on to know what they are as we have listed some of them below.



nile river
temple of philae
Temple of Kom Ombo
Temple of Horus
aswan dam
Luxor Temple
valley of the kings
Valley of the Queens
Temple of Karnak