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The Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

FS A321

Experience the luxurious design and exceptional attention to detail you’ve come to expect at Four Seasons properties at 40,000 feet when you travel the world aboard the custom-configured Four Seasons Private Jet*.

Designed by the same team that conceives the style and character of Four Seasons hotels and resorts, the fully customized Airbus A321neo-LR ensures that you fly in comfort and style, and arrive rejuvenated and ready for new adventures at every destination. Here are some highlights of this state-of-the-art aircraft:


  • Widest and tallest cabin in its class
  • 48 Italian leather flatbed seats with 6.5 feet of personal space
  • Plush ottoman at every seat providing extended leg room
  • Lounge in the Sky area offering dedicated space to mingle with fellow travelers
  • Inspiring in-flight meals designed by a Four Seasons Executive Chef
  • Dedicated jet crew equipped with proprietary Four Seasons service training
Lay flat seats
Italian leather flatbed seats
Lounge in the Sky
Lounge in the Sky
Plush ottomans