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Chiang Mai, Thailand

This year consider some new experiences for yourself and the people in your life—from fashion to festivals—with our Luxury Custom Travel department.

Go Beyond Retail Therapy in Paris

Let an A-list Parisian personal shopper and stylist guide you through the rarefied world of the City of Light’s ateliers, from private shops to behind-the-scenes fittings. Identify and deconstruct developing trends before the rest of the world, or focus purely on shopping with a pro. Accessorize your itinerary with guided walks through trendy Paris neighborhoods. Dedicate a day to vintage haute couture with a local fashion historian. Join a Parisian connoisseur to exhaust the city's perfumeries or visit an internationally renowned jewelry designer's workshop.

Celebrate New Beginnings at Thai Festivals

November is the perfect time to take in two of Thailand’s most beautiful, spiritually enlightening events—the Yi Peng and Loi Krathong festivals. Often occurring back to back, these festivals are meant to clear out bad luck and usher in new beginnings. Loi Krathong celebrates the Hindu goddess of water Phra Mae Khongkha with a boat parade filled with tiny candlelit rafts that illuminate the waterways. During the Yi Peng festival, thousands of paper lanterns are launched into the sky in honor of Buddha. Our experts can build a custom itinerary around these exciting cultural events, with stays at some of the top spa hotels across Asia.

Cage Dive With Great White Sharks

Test your mettle with these impressive predators off Baja’s coast. Once the purview of marine biologists and extreme thrill-seekers, cage diving off Guadalupe Island with great white sharks is more luxurious than you might imagine—if you know where and when to plan the experience. On one of our expertly planned itineraries, you can indulge in nearly unlimited opportunities to dive with hundreds of great white sharks as they mysteriously congregate below the waters of this tiny island during this one special month of the year.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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