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At TCS World Travel, luxury isn’t just about customizing a travel experience to your needs but also about providing meaningful encounters in unique destinations around the world. When you book a trip with our Luxury Custom Travel department our experts ensure that you travel in comfort and style while creating inspired moments that connect you to a destination.

Memorable Moments

Before the Engvalls' journey even began, our consultants reached out to a wildlife trust in Nairobi and adopted a baby elephant on behalf of both Bill and Gail. During a private opening for adoptive parents, the Engvalls were invited to meet their adoptees, Maktao and Kiasa, and to learn about conservation efforts in Kenya.

Tailored Experiences

The adventurous Engvalls opted for a horseback safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve—Bill is an excellent horseman and was thrilled when our travel consultant suggested this mode of transport. From the saddle the couple spotted wildebeest, giraffes, zebras, topi, impala, buffalo and even a lioness.

Literary Connections

In Kenya the Engvalls saw the pages of Out of Africa come to life at the farmhouse where author Karen Blixen lived. Prior to visiting Robben Island in South Africa, they found a book by Nelson Mandela waiting for them at their hotel. Reading about Mandela’s life before visiting the island where the leader was imprisoned had a deep impact on the couple.

Up Close Encounters with Wildlife

Our consultants engaged expert trackers to lead the Engvalls into the Virunga Mountains on an exciting gorilla trek. Deep in the jungle they encountered a family of endangered mountain gorillas and spent an hour watching them interact and play. Bill was especially thrilled when a baby gorilla tumbled right in front of him!

Unexpected Rewards

In Tanzania, we arranged lunch for an entire orphanage on behalf of the Engvalls. It was an exciting day for the children, who had been looking forward to the event for weeks, and a memorable surprise for our travelers.


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