about tcsA Day With TCS World Travel: Rwanda

Family of mountain gorillas

Each action-packed day on a TCS World Travel private jet expedition is filled with small-group activities that allow you to experience firsthand the people, landscapes and wildlife surrounding you. 

Along the way, you can choose from options to match your personal interests, enjoy festive dinner celebrations or relax for an afternoon at your leisure. Gorilla trekking is the highlight of your visit to Rwanda with TCS World Travel, but here’s a sample itinerary of what that day will look like.


  • Start your day with breakfast at your lodge, and then depart for Volcanoes National Park 
  • After driving to the park's headquarters, split into small groups of about eight for gorilla trekking
  • Listen to an informative briefing from park guides on trekking rules and regulations
  • Begin your trek through the verdant countryside, past local farms and colorful villages, before entering the dense bamboo forest
  • Each group is accompanied by porters who carry your belongings, so you can focus on the trek and the spectacular scenery 
  • Follow your expert guide through the lush vegetation to reach your assigned mountain gorilla group—you might hear them grunting and moving about before you spot them
  • From about 20 to 30 feet away, observe a family of mountain gorillas as they go about their daily routine: munching on wild celery, grooming each other or playfully swinging through the trees
Gorillas, Rwanda
Gorillas, Rwanda


  • After an hour observing the mountain gorillas, enjoy a picnic lunch that has already been packed for you with your dietery needs in mind
  • Follow your expert guides through the forest and head back to park headquarters 
  • Return to your lodge from gorilla trekking—timing will depend on your group’s location in the park; if time allows, rest up before the evening's activities
  • Recharge in carefully selected properties such as Virunga Lodge, where you can take in stunning views of the lush mountains or shimmering lakes from a private bungalow 
Virunga Lodge
Virunga Lodge


  • Take in a Rwandan dance performance outside your lodge, overlooking the lush Virunga Mountains, and watch traditionally outfitted dancers move to the intoxicating rhythms of drums or accompanied singing
  • Savor cocktails and canapés at the bar 
  • Enjoy a delicious dinner in your lodge's main dining area and relive your day’s adventure
Intore dancers, Rwanda
Intore dancers, Rwanda

Kigali (Alternate Itinerary)

If you’ve already been gorilla trekking or are unable to participate for health reasons, we also offer an alternate itinerary in Kigali. Here’s a sample of what you could do in Rwanda’s fascinating capital:  

  • Start your day with breakfast at your hotel
  • Transfer to helicopters for a flightseeing tour over the Virunga Mountains, a verdant landscape of volcanoes and picturesque lakes
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant—an opportunity to sample Kigali's cosmopolitan flavors and Rwandan foods like ugali, a side dish made from cornmeal
  • Visit a local art studio, where artists-in-residence create and showcase their works, and take a guided tour 
  • Relax at the hotel at your own leisure before dinner, where you can choose from local or international cuisine 
Kigali, Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda

Whether you opt for a gorilla trekking excursion or an urban immersion in Kigali, you'll leave Rwanda with unforgettable memories and board your private jet to the next adventure on your itinerary.